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Bahman is not just the cigarette brand; "Bahman" is also the eleventh month in the solar calendar, and the victory month of Islamic Republic of Iran Revolution in 1979. Furthermore, Bahman cigarettes are cheap and widely used brand among the working class people. Oddly it is hugely popular in artistic circles and amongst Iranian non-conformists. In addition, the work references the real existing cinema 'Bahman Cinema' in Enghelab (Revolution) Square in the downtown Tehran. The short videos shown inside the cigarette boxes establish this conceptual historical connection. They show one of the busiest areas of the city empty and deserted, as a metaphor for hopelessness and failure. The soundtrack accompanying the videos underlines the tragic side in the work. Each video is named after a part of the song composed during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) to tell the true story of martyrdom of a soldier Mohammad Jahan Ara. The song is telling his story to the fellow soldiers as a recital of an elegy.